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Topically-relevant articles published and co-authored with the occasional unpublished Op-Ed.

Beware the Sirens of Environmental, Social and Governance Investing

Best's Review 5/4/21 with Nir Kossovsky

Boosting ESG without understanding and carefully considering who stakeholders are, what they expect and how their potential disappointment might be expressed is a tactical path to a reputational liability.

ESG Efforts Push Reputational Risk Mitigation to Corporate Counsel to-Do List

Bloomberg Law 12/3/20 with Nir Kossovsky

"Corporate lawyers need to educate clients on emerging risks associated with reputational damage and help them develop protocols for mitigating those risks, say Steel City Re’s Nir Kossovsky and Denise Williamee. Corporate expectations are rising, given the race for pledges on environmental sustainability, social justice, and responsible governance (ESG) efforts."

Reputational Crises Put Directors at Risk

Strategic Risk 10/08/20 with Nir Kossovsky

ESG pledges, unmet, will leave stakeholders disappointed and pose the greatest enterprise risks of all.


What Are ESG Practices and How Will They Protect Our Company from Reputational Damage?

Risk & Insurance 10/07/20 with Nir Kossovsky

Reputation can be costly to lose and even tougher to restore. That's why your company needs a reputational risk management strategy.

Risk Management Frameworks Can’t Handle (the Truth About) Reputation Risk

Global Banking & Finance Review 9/3/20 with Nir Kossovsky

“Companies that employ a team to go above and beyond the traditional ERM model, and anticipate and address 21st century risks, will see tangible, financial benefits such as preferential equity investment allocations, bond ratings, and liability insurance costs. And with Reputation Insurance as the executive summary of superior ERM – simple, easy to understand, completely credible, and prepositioned like FDIC coverage nearly a century ago—the enhanced reputations will help preserve value and accelerate recovery.”

A Bad Reputation Is a Governance Risk

Directors & Boards 8/21/20 with Nir Kossovsky

Reputation risk management is strategic governance, leadership, controls and insurance.

In overseeing and monitoring…reputational risks, (A Board should) consider deploying its own mechanism — an integrated reputation governance (IRG) committee.

The Food and Beverage Industries Need a Reputation Risk Management Overhaul

Food & Beverage Magazine 8/12/20 with Nir Kossovsky

“The entire current apparatus—governance, leadership, processes and insurances—is not engineered to mitigate the greatest risk to the value of an enterprise, which is reputation risk. And what exactly is reputation risk? It is the widespread economic damage from a maelstrom of frightened, mistrustful and angry stakeholders triggered by a real or perceived corporate failure of ethics, safety, security, sustainability, quality or innovation.”

Risking It All

Captive Insurance Times - Article Reported by Maria Ward-Brennan 7/22/20 (contributor)

Due to the powers of social media, business reputation can easily be damaged in a matter of hours. Increasingly companies are looking to a captive for reputational risk coverage, industry experts reveal.

Entering the Reputation Risk Management and Insurance Marketplace: A Solution for 2020

Journal Of Reinsurance / IRUA 7/9/20 with Peter Gerken

This article demonstrates how Reputation Risk Insurance, approached on a parametric basis, can profitably counteract the multiple negative effects of the current hardening P&C insurance market while also providing reliably profitable future gains once the current market has stabilized.

Board Diversity Helps Recognize and Avoid Reputational Risks

Profiles in Diversity Journal 10/7/20 with Nir Kossovsky

Reputational crises are nasty, brutish, and enduring. To deploy the type of reputational risk management apparatus needed today, companies must understand the expectations of ever-changing and diverse groups of stakeholders, and stay attuned to constantly shifting cultural trends that pose enterprise-wide risks and require a response from corporate America.

Exxon versus BP: Managing Reputation Risk in the Era of ESG

HARTENERGY 1/8/21 with Nir Kossovsky

Here’s a look at the different reputational risks oil and gas companies are facing as they chase ESG goals in an effort to address increasing pressures from environmentalists and investors.

Promises, Promises: Navigating the Reputational Risks of ESG Investment Pledges

Global Banking & Finance Review 1/12/21 with Nir Kossovsky

As the trend towards ESG investment and a low-carbon economy continues, banks are being backed into a reputational corner. Law firms specializing in representing the expanding pool of litigious shareholders are salivating.


See How Apollo Global Management’s Success at Reputation Risk Management Is a Story to Emulate

Risk & Insurance with Nir Kossovsky 3/30/21

We’re in one of those rare moments in history when risk managers have an opportunity to make something good happen.. Rare is the insurance professional who truly believes there is an upside to risk.

Pinterest Discrimination Case Highlights Risk Of ESG Pledges

Law360 12/10/20 with Nir Kossovsky

A shareholder derivative lawsuit filed Nov. 30 naming the board of directors and top executives of Pinterest Inc., is part of a trend that is unique to this era of social justice pledges — where the actions and statements of companies themselves is placing individual corporate leaders at risk.

Stake Your Reputation

Captive Insurance Times with Nir Kossovsky & Peter Gerken January 2022, Issue 239

Nir Kossovsky, Denise Williamee and Peter Gerken of Steel City Re discuss the development of reputational risk, including current trends, how a captive can provide cover, and the specific challenges in insuring this risk.

MyPillow guy’s bank viewed him as a reputational risk. Was he?

American Banker  w/Nir Kossovsky 2/7/22

Recently, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell shared that Minnesota Bank & Trust and its parent company Heartland Financial USA told him that they no longer wanted to do business with him. Lindell, a prominent supporter of former President Donald Trump, said Minnesota Bank & Trust asked him to close his accounts after the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol subpoenaed his telephone records.

The weight-bearing capacity of Larry Fink’s fine line

Investment News w/Nir Kossovsky 2/7/22

BlackRock's CEO needs to recast the conversation into the framework of governance, because E and S won’t amount to much if they aren’t backed by better governance.

Restoring Trust Around ESG Initiatives Through Process

NACD BoardTalk w/Nir Kossovsky 2/1/22

The reputation risk du jour is the trifecta of environmental stewardship, social justice, and dutiful governance (ESG). To the board members of companies touting their ESG initiatives as a way of building their brands and attracting investors to preempt this risk, we want to stress: A lot of people simply don’t believe you. The lack of trust is eroding your brand and your reputation is at risk.
The solution? One word: process.

ESG fund asset managers need to provide clarity for investors

Investment News w/Nir Kossovsky & Peter Gerken 1/12/22

Given the disconnect between what ESG investors expect and what some ESG funds are actually investing in, it's time for some serious reputation risk management.

4 Features of the Modern ESG Landscape Risk Managers Should Keep on Their Radar

Risk & Insurance w/Nir Kossovsky & Peter Gerken 10/1/21

Risk managers should look at these four features to understand today's ESG story.

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